Driver Cages
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Service window with a shelf for passing paperwork.

Coded push button entry lock provided.

Electric latch release that can be controlled remotely.

Driver Cages Provide Shelter While Controlling Access Into The Building

Prevent unauthorized visitors from posing an injury and insurance risk.

Access Cages to Maintain the Safety and Security of Your Facility
Driver access cages safeguard both your business and visitors, vendors, and other warehouse or building staff. Non-employees such as truck drivers, delivery persons, and others who enter your business can pose an insurance risk. Unauthorized visitors to your site may inadvertently enter active fork truck traffic sections or automated machinery work cells
A facility visitor should not be strolling around your factory floor, whether they are seeking for someone to sign a ticket or simply looking for a restroom. Failure to restrict building access increases the likelihood of mishaps at your business, especially if the person is not a trained employee. Driver Access Cages safeguard your inventory as well. Separating outside people from your goods and pricey equipment is critical to keeping the honest man honest.
Secure Building Access
Driver Access Cages are an easy, low-cost approach to manage access to distribution centers, buildings, or manufacturing floors. Our wire mesh barriers are used to surround building entry doors, limiting truck drivers and other visitors to a specified area. Driver access cages are available in a variety of sizes and can be put up freestanding or fixed to existing building walls.
Configure Your Building Access Cage
Driver Access Cages, also known as Man Traps, are normally built as three-sided cages that connect to an outside wall via an entry door. Our Style 840 Wire Partition System was used to create these driver access cages. A 2" x 1" rectangular mesh of heavy 10 gauge wire is sturdy enough for any industrial security cage requirement. These building access cages range in size from six by six to eight by eight. Because panels come in one-foot increments, any size cage may be built.
These driver cages are typically outfitted with a service window and a shelf to offer the driver with a counter to sign and pick up their paperwork. A pedestrian hinge door provides access to the access cage. The door can be outfitted with a full width push bar on the factory floor side to allow personnel to evacuate at any time or in an emergency. The door on the inside of the driver access cage has a simple key lock. Because visitors to the building do not have a key, this conventional key lock keeps drivers limited to the secure enclosed area

Configurable options for any space.

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