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Standard-sized panels can be used in both ceilings and walls

Custom panel sizes and heights are available.

Doors are offered in hinged, double hinged, sliding, and vertical rise configurations.

Versatile Short Term Confinement

840 style supervised holding cells for suspect processing & detainment.

Secure Temporary Holding Cell Features
In correctional and detention facilities around the country, the wire partition systems are utilized to construct prisoner holding cells. Our wire mesh hold cells are intended for supervised temporary incarceration of inmates while they are being processed or held for a short time. The sturdy wire divider panels may be adjusted to fit facility demands using our standard parts due to the adaptability of our wire partition system.
Holding Cell Ceilings & Doors
Detainees are secured in the holding cell by a hinged door with a safe lock system. The holding cell is completed with ceiling panels made of the same material, and our unique design restricts access to any hardware from the secure side of the holding cell enclosure. The wire partition holding cell system is easily installed using conventional hand tools and 3/8" assembly hardware. Our open yet secure design permits unrestricted circulation of the holding cell's existing lighting, HVAC, and fire suppression equipment. For establishments that require increased security, heavy duty alternatives are available.
Holding Cell Ceilings & Doors
In this application, a standard mortise cylinder lock, a self-locking mechanism with a spring action tongue, can be utilized. In addition, we provide an institutional high security dead latch lock. The door may additionally have top and bottom sliding bolts installed. Customer-specified locks can also be included into the system. Check out our custom locks area to see some of the locks we've incorporated into our system.

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