Machine Guarding
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5'-3 1/4" with a 0'-3 1/4" sweep and 8'-5 1/4" with a 0'-3 1/4" sweep are the standard heights

Available are panels with specific heights and custom sizes.

Unmatched in the industry, our fully framed panels enhance strength and stability.

Machine Guarding to Maintain Safety and Security of Your Facility

Keep people safe from crossing into the path of dangerous machinery.

Machine Guarding: Practical and Safe
Machine guarding systems are a flexible, affordable, and safe approach to safeguard workers from the risks posed by automated machinery. These barriers are a reliable and affordable answer to plant safety issues. This system's adaptability makes it simple to incorporate controls for wider apertures or access doors.
Machine guarding serves as both a safety net and a barrier for broken equipment. Wire mesh that has been welded or woven is very durable; it resists dents, keeps its form, and requires almost no maintenance.
These fully-framed welded or woven wire mesh panels make a solid, safe barrier around hazardous automated equipment by bolting to poles. These safety devices are constantly on alert, as opposed to high-tech light curtains and switch mats that are susceptible to electrical faults.
Machine Guarding Made of Woven and Welded Wire Mesh
To safeguard and divide property, equipment, and workers, we provide perimeter guarding systems made of both woven and welded wire mesh. Physical barriers are available in heights of 5', 8', 10', and 12', or any other height you desire.
The woven or welded wire construction of guarding systems results in an unrivaled degree of safety and security. The 10 GA wire used in conventional woven wire mesh machine guarding systems is woven into a 2" x 1" rectangular mesh. Inside a 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" x 1/8" angle frame, this strong mesh is welded.
Configurable Machine Guarding Layouts
A modular wire mesh panel design is used in our machine guarding and perimeter guarding system, allowing for many combinations of standard pieces to satisfy your unique space and guarding needs. To complement your machine guarding system, we provide a comprehensive variety of custom colors and accessories, including hinged doors, sliding doors, pull out panels, and locking latches.
The powerful, contemporary-looking guard created by the welded wire's straight lines and inherent strength complements your facilities and equipment. It may be made of either woven or welded wire. To fulfill the needs of heavy, medium, or light duty tasks, we offer a varied selection of meshes.

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