Tool Cribs Delivered Fast


Twenty panels of uniform size, each measuring 4 or 5 feet high and 1 to 10 feet wide

To attain wall height, stack two or more panels between posts.

Walls and ceilings can both use panels of a standard size.

Tired Of Tools Wandering Off?

Tool cribs limit access to valuable tools saving you money.

Organize and Secure Tools with a Tool Crib
You no longer have to worry about who has what tool or where tools have gone missing when you have a designated, safe room to keep tools and equipment. Wire partitions have proven to be an effective way for many businesses to arrange their tool rooms. A maintenance worker visits the tool crib and signs out the tool they require when he or she needs it to operate on plant equipment. Many tool cribs also contain a service window, saving the plant staff from having to go inside the tool crib itself.
Tool Crib Components
Wire partition panels are available in widths ranging from 1' to 10' in steps of one foot. The tool crib may be built to be 8', 10', or 12' high and have a choice of doors using panels that are 4' and 5' high that are layered one on top of the other. Both hinged and sliding doors that are in stock may be shipped within 48 hours. Ceilings and interchangeable wall and ceiling panels are options for security cages. Custom sizes and combinations are available for tool cribs and security cages.
Material Options
With woven wire panels, welded wire panels, expanded metal panels, polycarbonate panels, and sheet metal panels, we can create tool cribs and security cages that match the specifications you need. While 2" x 1" woven rectangular mesh is typical, some tool cribs and security cages call for a different mesh. Polycarbonate panels would be utilized if, depending on the application, a solid, see-through wall was needed to observe equipment that was being kept. In some instances, sheet metal panels are used to block visibility of the contents of the locked storage compartment.

Configurable options for any space.

Common Layouts

Doors & Windows


Choose one, choose all.
Available in a variety of colors.

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