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Welded mesh enables for field changes in the event of unexpected obstacles.

There are two fundamental styles: single and double layer.

Stock dimensions are 7'-6" tall, 3' or 4' wide, and 3', 4', or 5' deep.

Secure Valuable Wines & Liquors

Limit access and monitor consumption to control your profits.

All Steel Welded Wire Wine & Tenant Storage Lockers
All steel welded wire tenant storage lockers are an excellent solution to safeguard residents' personal things in multi-family building communal storage spaces or investments like fine wines.
The welded mesh locker structure is sturdy and secure, allowing installers to custom fit and professionally finish storage facilities while minimizing clutter and efficiently maximizing available space.
Storage Lockers - 2 Styles
Storage lockers come in two basic configurations: single layer walk-in and double tier. The single layer walk-in layout is the most popular, with a 3'-0" or 4'-0" wide entrance and a depth of 3'-0", 4'-0", or 5'-0". The average height is 7'-6" tall. The single-tier storage locker provides plenty of space for the tenant's out-of-season items.
When a building has limited space but a high number of tenants that demand more storage, multiple layer lockers are commonly employed. The width and depth of the double tier storage lockers are the same as the single tier, but the height of each individual locker is 3'-9", for a combined total height of 7'-6".
Storage lockers use a basic padlock lug and need the user to supply a padlock. There is also a three-point lock with a keyed cylinder built in.
Wine Storage Lockers Configuration
Wine storage lockers' modular architecture makes designing and installation of your storage locker project simple. Doors are pre-hung, hinges are already welded in place, and connecting a wall panel to a door panel requires only four bolts. This ensures simple installation and the lowest overall cost of ownership. Welded wire may be adjusted in the field, making it simple to install around obstacles like as electrical conduits, heating ducts, and water pipelines. Field alteration has no effect on the structural integrity of the storage locker panels because the wire is welded at every junction.

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