Server Cages
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To attain wall height, stack two or more panels between posts.

Standard-sized panels can be used in both ceilings and walls.

Custom panel sizes and heights are available.

Ensure Data Security At Every Level

Server cages prevent physical risk to your data and hardware.

Data Center Server Enclosures
Our readily configurable enclosure system divides whole hosting facilities. Our open yet secure design allows for unrestricted circulation of light, HVAC, and fire suppression systems
throughout the secured server storage spaces, and we provide a number of sizes and configurations. Server cages that are strong, durable, and sleek can impress potential clients by demonstrating your attention to quality and security.
Server Cages enable server racks to be stored side by side without wasting space while preserving individual or multiple-rack security and safe access. Server cages are a cost-effective, modular solution to network security challenges.
Secure Data Centers With Server Caging
Woven Wire partition systems may be used to separate and protect client-specific server or network equipment. Our server enclosure system easily splits whole hosting facilities. We provide a variety of sizes and configurations, and our open but secure architecture allows for unfettered circulation of light, HVAC, and fire suppression systems throughout the secured server storage rooms. Strong, robust, and elegant server cages may impress potential clients by exhibiting your attention to quality and security.
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Configurable options for any space.

Common Layouts

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Available in a variety of colors.

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