Industrial Guard Rails Delivered Fast


Rated to handle a 10,000 lb force striking it at 4 mph.

Bolt together components for quick assembly.

Your purchase comes with all assembly hardware, including floor anchors.

Protect people and machines from forklift accidents.

Industrial guard rails create safety zones for equipment and personel.More subtext lorem ipsum dolor ronald reagan north korea

Safety Railing Systems
Prevent mishaps involving forklifts, sweepers, or other moving facility equipment by installing Guardrail in your facility.
By offering a sturdy barrier along aisle ways or in front of pricey or important equipment, protective railing systems aid in preventing damage to facilities or equipment. With our reasonably priced guard rail system, you may provide a safe barrier and reduce the need for expensive repairs that need downtime.
Guardrail Configurations
There are two variations of the protective railing system: Single Rail and Double Rail. Double guard rail posts are 43" high and single guard rail posts are only 17" high. All GuardRail posts are made of 9" square x 1/2" thick steel base plates and 4" square x 1/4" wall structural steel tubing with metal covers. The floor anchors are included, and the base plates feature four 7/8" round anchor holes. Guard rail heights can be changed. Safety yellow powder coat paint is applied to all GuardRail posts.
Post base plates are attached to the floor and guardrail components are bolted together. Your purchase includes all required hardware.
Key Options
11 gauge formed steel rails are available in conventional lengths of 0'-8", 1'-8", 2'-8", 3'-8", 4'-8", 5'-8", 6'-8", 7'-8", 8'-8", and 9'-8". There are additional options for custom guard rail lengths. With 1/2" x 5" through bolts, the rails are attached to the posts. Safety yellow powder coat paint is applied to all rails.
Rail lift-out kits, offset post base plates, and corner offset posts are additional options that are available.

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